building materials

July 31, 2019

What are main causes of collapsing of steel structure frame?

The steel structure frame degree should distinguish between two hoisting ropes when hoisting the steel structure at two points.
July 24, 2019

Why is steel structure frame good?

Compared with the traditional concrete structures, the steel structure frame staircase has advantages in construction and comprehensive benefit.
July 24, 2019

How is the aluminum profile produced?

Everybody knows that the section of aluminum profile is strange, and the metal of other material does not make such effect.
July 24, 2019

What are the classification and advantages of aluminum profiles?

Industrial aluminum profiles can be classified into different types depending on the application, alloy composition and surface treatment technology.
July 19, 2019

What is the basic knowledge of aluminum profile?

The aluminum profile titanium plating process used the coating technology.
July 19, 2019

Introduction of aluminum alloy

Aluminum alloy used in the shipbuilding industry has a history of nearly a century.
July 19, 2019

What aluminum alloy is used to cast computer hard-drive shells?

Aluminum alloy is made of pure aluminum with some alloy elements, such as aluminum-copper alloy, aluminum-zinc-magnesium-copper series super hard aluminum alloy.
July 11, 2019

What are the characteristics of quartz stone countertops?

Quartz stone countertops are resistant to high temperatures and the resin is not resistant to high temperatures.
July 10, 2019

How would you clean and maintain your quartz kitchen countertops?

The passage is going to provide you some tips on how to clean and maintain your quartz kitchen countertops.