building materials

November 14, 2019

How much do you know about the internal halyard flagpole?

If you are looking for a flagpole for the internal system, you may immediately notice that the Internal halyard flagpole tends to be more expensive than the external tether flagpoles.
November 14, 2019

How to choose a stainless steel bollard?

For cost reasons, most stainless steel bollards are actually covers that cover conventional steel bollards. Stainless steel is much more expensive than bare steel or galvanized steel.
November 14, 2019

The advantages of stainless steel bollards

Among all types of bollards, stainless steel bollards are better and more practical than other bollards.
November 14, 2019

How to find a good garden light pole?

The decorative aluminum garden light pole can do a variety of functions at once--provide protection and enhance the surroundings.
September 25, 2019

Importance of the Proper Installation of Aluminum Light Poles

Properly mounted aluminum light poles help you avoid destructive vibration, and the installer should protect you from electric shock.
September 4, 2019

How is the process of aluminium extrusion?

How to avoid economic losses and waste of energy in the perspective of the process of aluminium extrusion?
August 30, 2019

What is the classification of aluminum profile?

The aluminum profile can be divided into different series according to the content of alloy elements.
August 29, 2019

Why do people choose to build steel structure prefab container house?

The whole production cycle of the steel structure prefab container house is very short and is as convenient and comfortable as the normal building house.
August 28, 2019

Why is aluminum extrusion better than stainless steel?

The differences between aluminum extrusion and stainless steel are not so great, but they are different in their respective fields, and even in the same fields.