Huang, Claire

July 25, 2019

What is a door mirror?

Apart from mirror door handles, glass door fittings like door mirror which consists of a concave lens (objective lens) and a convex lens is also important.
July 25, 2019

What are the types of door handles?

The difference in the price of the door handles mainly lies in two points: one is the door knob brands and the other is the shape.
July 25, 2019

What is tempered glass hardware?

Tempered glass hardware, which has a compressive stress on the surface of is widely used on glass fixing brackets and sliding glass door shower enclosure.
July 25, 2019

How to Select the Best Pool Filter?

Pool filter is as important to your pool as your kidney is to your own body. We know that sounds kind of gross, but it’s true.
July 24, 2019

Why is steel structure frame good?

Compared with the traditional concrete structures, the steel structure frame staircase has advantages in construction and comprehensive benefit.
July 24, 2019

What are the specific benefits of spending time in steam room?

What do saunas do? Is steam room good? These are the questions most people concern about.
July 24, 2019

How is the aluminum profile produced?

Everybody knows that the section of aluminum profile is strange, and the metal of other material does not make such effect.
July 24, 2019

What are the classification and advantages of aluminum profiles?

Industrial aluminum profiles can be classified into different types depending on the application, alloy composition and surface treatment technology.
July 23, 2019

Working principle of pool heat exchanger

In the process of promoting to the urban market, pool heat exchanger stands out from the heavy encirclement of solar energy.